Pressure Gauges:

  • Higher accuracy due to bigger Bourdon tube construction
  • Stronger system assembly due to larger and thicker movement plates
  • Increased durability and reliability in adverse conditions due to wider temperature limit
  • Higher resistance to rapid pressure fluctuations
  • Ease in installation in limited space conditions
  • 360 degree rotation for easy pressure readings
  • Highly robust, break-free isolation ring connection stem
  • Patented "stinger" assembly with every iso ring ensures less down time
  • Proved high accuracy of stabilizer gauge even after 20,000 time cycle test & 16 hour heat test
  • Standard Restrictor screw in industrial applications gauges
  • Most updated standard ("3A 74 05") for Sanitary gauges

Temperature Gauges:

  • Wide variety of dial sizes ranging from 1 " to 6"
  • Superior degree of protection with the highest IP rating of IP:68
  • Reduced cost in low pressure applications due to lower permissible operating pressure limit (up to 125 PSI) resulting in avoiding the use of Thermowells

Pressure Transmitters:

  • Offers a higher operating temperature rating as (-) 40 to 135 Deg C
  • Compact design (2088 mm) to ensure installation in tighter areas
  • Offers higher over pressure rating of 2.5 times